About us

"Zevar" a dynamic jewellery label is the brainchild of Geeta Sangra, which offers bespoke and majestic pieces. The brand is an expert amalgamation of design, craft and process, resulting in its uniqueness and appeal. Each product is hallmarked and certified. Zevar by Geeta is classy, yet affordable and caters to women who want a perfect blend of style, sophistication and personalization.The pieces are maximalist with a cross culture aesthetic rooted deeply in the Indian culture. All the silver jewelry is in sterling silver hallmarked at 92.5 purity and the gold is hallmarked too. From Mathapatti, passa, maangtikka, hathaphools amd naths to chaadbaalis, hoops, chokers and jhumkis.



Geeta Sangra handcrafted ornate jewels with traditional Indian themes. Her jewellery had a blend of old-world aesthetics with new world fashion. Her passion for jewellery gave way to her idea to create a niche for herself in the market. She started her career by scouting around for craftspeople and began customizing jewellery for herself and her daughter. Being the wife of an Army General, she travelled to various countries which began her global exposure of style, fashion, cultures and refining the art of jewellery designing. 

Kritika Sangra

Establishing herself as a household name in events and weddings with EDC for the past 10 years, Kritika decided to use her creative energy towards taking Zevar to new heights. She has a keen eye for detail and plays a huge role in defining brand's aesthetics. 

Karan Sangra

A civil engineer by profession had always aspired to become an entrepreneur. Thus, he
teamed up with his mother to take Zevar's business online and is expanding it all over India and Abroad. The self motivated prodigy holds a strong and impactful vision for the brand with his objective to elevate the brand on modern lines keeping the traditional touch intact.